Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I am wondering if everyone is still out there. Haven't seen any new posts lately. I am all set to start knitting on February 1st and sure hate to be knitting alone.. I am using some "stash" for my sweater. It is a discontinued yarn that I have been saving for something special.



Nancy said...

Hi, Holly, I'm here in ever-more-frigid SW PA. My swatching with stash J&S isn't working out -- the J&S is too fine. So, I ordered light orange and brown quebecoise from Meg's. When it arrives (expected to be Groundhog Day), I'll be casting on with glee!

lisa said...

Hi Gang,
I too have been playing with stash yarn and just having a dickens of a time trying to get guage and working to see how many more stitches i need to get it to fit. have to get this to work. Love the color combo.

The Mighty Oracle said...

I've been swatching my little brains out with the Quebecoise (plum and light grey) and getting gauge. It's just that the pattern is so much fun to knit that I'm probably going to be the owner of the biggest swatch in history. I'm really looking forward to starting for real on February 1.