Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting started?

Wow - as of today 13 folks have replied to the invites and joined up! And there are about 8 more invites waiting for responses.

So a few things to throw out:

1. Starting Date
Do you want to pick one?

2. Ending Date (optional)
Do you want to pick one- with the provision that any one can continue on?

3. Project info
As you figure out what you are going to do - write a post and let us about it. Posting is really easy with the new blogger - and adding photos is even easier! Email me if you need help!

4. Posts
When you write your post there is a little box "Labels for this post" . You can use this to "categorize" your post - and then others can read thru them if they are looking for help or whatever.

For example, if you have a special tip, why not put "tip" in there; or special technique - "technique".

Can't wait to read about all the sweaters and wool/color choices!

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