Saturday, January 20, 2007

Successful posting...

Hah! I figured it out. I have this tracking problem with my vision, that is ONLY a problem when looking for small buttons on websites. But I new it HAD to be here, somewhere, and I did manage to find it!

I've decided to make the sweater for DH (Abe) and we've decided on alpaca, grey and blue (knitpicks). I LOVE alpaca! This will be hard enough it's gotta be in a yarn I love.

I also managed to snag a copy of MS Knitting from the local library. I HAVE it somewhere, but can't find it. Since the charts are too pale for me to read easily, anyway, I'm going to regraph them on the computer, and print them out for myself in colors that work better for me, anyway, so I'll be fine when I need to return the book.

This will be fun!

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