Saturday, January 20, 2007

Swatching Progress

Hi all,

I have knitted about 15 rows of a swatch, is that enough? I'm using Good Old Cascade 220, since I had 12 skeins in Mystic (a lovely purple) and only needed to buy the Natural (which I bought today). I can probably wait until Feb 1 to cast on, but I'm not guaranteeing it! I'm jazzed about this!

Maybe I'll make my swatch bigger to kill time. Or, I could cast on and just lie to you guys and pretend I didn't. Ah, the beauty of the internets (sic).

Ready, Set....... (wait for it!)


lisa said...

i am trying to get everything done so that i can sit today and knit on the russian while i watch tow football games ( good knitting time). My question is...when swatching this it needs to be in the round ya???? and is there any one else thinking cardigan??? i am just hot flashing too much for a pull over!!

Amy D. said...

Hey, Lisa,

Yes, in color pattern knitting you really want to do a circular swatch. If you don't want to cast on 80 sts for your swatch, you can do a speed swatch (remember that from Camp?).

Using a circular needle, cast on 30-40 stitches, then knit across in pattern. When you are done with the row, slide the entire piece of knitting to the other end of the needle. Leave strands of the 2 wools about 8 inches (knitter's choice) draped across the back, then knit the next row.

This way, you are always knitting on the front of your work, and it emulates circular knitting. You want make sure the strands are long enough that you can lay the knitting flat to measure.

It can be cumbersome, because after 15 rows, you'll have 30 long strands hanging across the back of your work. The good news is, you've got lots of wool in your swatch so you can rip it out if you run short on the second sleeve or the I-Cord trim!

lisa said...

thanks for the help.
now i can knit!!!
go saints!!!!